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Published December 27, 2012 by morganteresa


I hope everyone had a relaxing time of fellowship and joy this holiday season. 2012 has blessed me in so many ways, and one in particular is the subject of this post!

I met Samantha of Moore Funtography this year, and it never ceases to amaze me what this girl is capable of! When we started collaborating on photo shoots, I was really impressed by her photographic eye, her attention to beautiful detail, and her enthusiastic spirit. I have worked on many photo shoots with many photographers, and I can honestly say that Samantha makes every client feel beautiful, special and comfortable in front of the camera! Be sure to check out her blog and contact her to book a personalized photo shoot that will show off your unique style and personality! http://www.moorefuntography.blogspot.com

Samantha is a multitalented young woman! Her talents include being a domestic goddess, photographer, blogger…and dd I mention a model? We met at EDEN Gardenhouse a few weeks ago to create this crop of stunning photos. She’s is also quite the teacher, as I took these photos with her camera and under her direction! We decided to go for a Victoria’s Secret inspired makeup look. Hope you enjoy!

samantha2 samantha3samantha4samantha5samantha6 samantha7samantha9samantha10samantha11samantha12

MAC Faux: A Surprisingly Universal Lip Color!

Published December 17, 2012 by morganteresa


This shoot is a great testament to why I love being a makeup artist. I set out to create a look that showcased overall natural beauty The amazingly talented Bruce Yeung photographed the models! Kimberly, Kristina, Jessica and Samantha met with me bright and early to begin preparations, and my main focus was to let their true beauty shine through. I created a dewy, fresh, “no Makeup” makeup look for this shoot.


While applying the finishing touches, I discovered a lipstick shade that worked on each of their skin tones! MAC Faux is a goldmine, a holy grail product that has become a staple item in my professional makeup kit. If you are working with a model who needs the perfect nude/pink lip, Faux mimics the actual pigment of the lips, is it a beautiful, yet understated shade.

MAC Faux Lipstick 3 g / 0.1 US oz US$15.00


Have you used this lipstick shade? I would highly suggest it! Happy holidays, and more posts are on the way!

Scottsdale Royalty: A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

Published November 9, 2012 by morganteresa

When I met Kristina, the French origin phrase “je ne sais quoi” immediately came to mind. The true definition via the Webster dictionary means: something that cannot be described or expressed. Kristina fits this phrase perfectly. At first glance, she is strikingly gorgeous, with an aura of quiet confidence about her. Then she speaks, and she is full of warmth, intelligence and kindness. While many people possess these qualities, there is something uniquely beautiful about not only Kristina’s face but her entire being. A certain je ne sais quoi. :)

I have had the pleasure of doing her makeup/ hair on several shoots (see additional photo shoot work below), and she has quickly become one of my favorite muses. As we continued to work together, she introduced me to her sister queen, Jessica. I love to see that beautiful souls always seem to find one another. Jessica is very similar to Kristina in regard to her quiet confidence and strong sense of self. Even as a teenager, there is a lot of wisdom behind her eyes. As we work together, I am inspired by the chameleon that she can be, switching from a fresh-faced teenager to a high fashion model and back again with such ease.

Together, these ladies take some of the most beautiful photographs that I have ever seen. Samantha Moore, AKA the best photographer in Phoenix, portrayed them through her lense within the beautiful properties of Silverleaf in Scottsdale, Arizona. They modeled the Spring/Summer collection by local designer Bri Bridge, whose unique eyes and creative spirit are behind one of the best collections to hit Arizona shelves. Bri is a one woman show, designing, creating, and marketing her own line of clothes and accessories that fit a woman’s style and body perfectly.

There is nothing like being able to collaborate with women who are strong, independent, hard-working and goal oriented. Please enjoy the photos, and make sure to check out www.bribridge.com to shop the Urban Sweetheart S/S 2013 clothing line. God bless. :)

Clothing: Bri Bridge Urban Sweetheart S/S 2013 collection www. bribridge.com

Photographer: Samantha Moore of Moore Funtography www.moorefuntography.blogspot.com

Models: Kristina, Miss Scottsdale USA 2013  Jessica, Miss Scottsdale Teen USA 2013

Makeup: Morgan Teresa Makeup and Beauty http://www.morganteresamakeup.wordpress.com






Light Prisms with Ketonya

Published October 29, 2012 by morganteresa

When I met Ketonya in Phoenix a few weeks ago, I was blown away by her beauty, her innate sense of grace and poise, and the way light seemed to illuminate her skin and eyes. She is a modern day jack-of-all-trades, excelling in areas such as makeup artistry, styling and modeling. Her monthly fashion blog, Style Stalkers LLC is wildly successful, helping men and women to create an innovative and edgy style. Add being a family woman and entrepeneur, and you have the whole package.

For our shoot with Samantha Moore of Moore Funtography, we shot outside at EDEN GardenHouse. I feel like every time I look at this space, I see a new way to photograph it. I knew that shooting outside would capture the beautiful light I saw in Ketonya’s eyes. When Samantha started clicking away with her camera, I knew we had struck gold. I played up Ketonya’s eyes with a colorful yet blended mix of bright shadows, and a light application of MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation made her skin positively glow with radiance.

Please enjoy the photos of the ever lovely Ketonya.

Check out her blog at http://stylestalkersblog.com/

Location: EDEN GardenHouse www.edengardenhouse.com

Samantha Moore of Moore Funtography www.moorefuntography.blogspot.com

MUA: Morgan Teresa Makeup and Beauty www.morganteresamakeup.wordpress.com

An Afternoon With Kimberly

Published October 15, 2012 by morganteresa

Kimberly is an Arizona based model with the FORD Robert Black Agency of Scottsdale, Arizona. She’s spunky, smart, sweet, and incredibly gorgeous all at the same time. There is a sweet and humble spirit about her that makes you want to root for her. On this particular day, we met up to shoot at EDEN GardenHouse, a garden-inspired home decor and gift shop in the downtown Phoenix area. It is an absolutely charming house with a lot of unique shooting spaces. For her look, I used a variety of bronzy golden shades to bring out the blue of her eyes. The photographs were taken by Samantha Moore of Moore Funtography, who’s creative eye and attention to detail made for a refreshingly fun and relaxed shoot. The images the three of us produced were absolutely beautiful. Check out a few of them below, and I will be hard at work on new shoots and makeup concepts soon!

Model: Kimberly, FORD Robert Black Agency www.fordrba.com

Hair and MUA: Morgan Teresa Makeup and Beauty

Location: EDEN GardenHouse http://www.edengardenhouse.com

Photographer: Moore Funtography http://www.moorefuntography.blogspot.com

Finding My Way, With Help <3

Published October 10, 2012 by morganteresa

I am really happy to say that I have been working a lot, and I am very grateful. I am always amazed at what we can do when we dig in and let our creativity take over. I have decided to dedicate myself completely to doing what I love, and that can be difficult to do at times. Our talents and passions sometimes take a backseat to what we think we HAVE to do…our plan B. But we can’t spend so much time on Plan B that we forget about Plan A. Plan B is what our logical mind conceives, and Plan A is what is born in us. It’s the fire that fuels our thoughts, hopes and dreams, it’s what we want more than anything. I have decided that the more I work hard for my goals, the more my efforts will be blessed and rewarded with increase. Every time I am able to post about the work I do, it makes me so excited for my future as a makeup artist. WHATEVER it is that you do, know that if it’s been in your heart for this long, it is now a part of you and you owe it to yourself to develop your skills. Let’s reach our goals together! Thanks for reading, and check out a few of my most recent shots!

I once again got to work with the lovely Kristina, Miss Scottsdale USA 2013 and her equally amazing sister queen Jessica, Miss Scottsdale Teen USA 2013! The shoot featured Phoenix Fashion Week’s Emerging Designers, photographed by Jennifer Alyse. Pictured here in Living Dreams Clothing. Check out local designer Michael Poulos’ amazing line of lifestyle streetwear here: www.justlivingdreams.com, and please continue to support Phoenix Fashion Week, they had a HUGELY successful week of fashion and fun this month! www.phoenixfashionweek.com

                               Hair and MUA for Kristina:me Hair for Jessica:me

Photographer:Jennifer Alyse www.jenniferalyse.com

The gorgeous Shakeira, a Phoenix resident and model was so amazing to work with. What a face and personality! Check out her blog here:  http://shakeiraebanks.blogspot.com/  I am also SO happy to be working with an amazingly talented photographer, Samantha of Moore Funtography. Check out her blog to see her work and to book a shoot with her! http://moorefuntography.blogspot.com/

Moore Funtography and I collaborated to produce this amazing shot of our model Kimberly, I cannot get over how beautiful and talented she is. She is a professional model and successful businesswoman. Her energy and presence is unbelievably strong, and she brought her absolute best to the shoot!  Hair and MUA: me

Can’t wait to continue working and sharing the photos!!! <3

Looks I Love: Neutral Glamour

Published September 17, 2012 by morganteresa

Genevieve is one of my best clients! She has a really great personality and a GREAT eye and face shape to work with! The look we did on this day is very simple but glamorous. I used one of the most versatile palettes out there, the Urban Decay Naked Palette. With a few subtle additions, the look can go easily from day to night!

*Picture courtesy of www.urbandecay.com

PREP: Urban Decay Primer Potion in the color Sin was placed from the lash line and softly into the crease.

LID: Using the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I pressed the color Half Baked onto the lid.

CREASE: The color Darkhorse was first placed into the socket of the eye with a pencil brush. I then buffed the color upward toward the brow using a MAC 224 brush.

HIGHLIGHT: Naked was blended softly underneath the brow.

DEFINITION: Darkhorse was placed into the outer portion of the eye, connected up and into the crease color, then feathered in to meet the Half Baked color on the lid. It was also run under the lower lash line. Stardel false lashes were applied for a fluttery look.

FACE: Primer used was MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microperfecting Primer, followed by Estee Lauder foundation stippled onto the skin with a Bdellium Tools 957 Precision Kabuki brush. MAKE UP FOR EVER concealer from the camoflauge palette was used to brighten the under eye area. Nars Orgasm Blush was applied to the cheekbones, as well as a slight contour using ELF bronzer/blush duo.

Lips: MAC Fresh Brew Lipstick was used to keep the look daytime wearable. A red lip would also enhance the drama of this look!


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